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There are many ways that I use to recenter myself in stressful moments. My body is key to recentering. With breathing, moving, changing my posture as a few examples.

Recently I came across a beautiful poem that helped me ground myself, just by reading. Automatically I was breathing deeply with my belly and felt grounded. Maybe it can serve you, too!

Enjoy reading!


Be present. Be here.
Feel your feet on the ground,
your belly rising and falling.
Be open and receptive
to the life all around you.
The sounds, smells, tastes.
Feelings rising unexpectedly.
A tingling in the belly.
A contraction in the throat.
Heaviness in the head.
An old sadness coming to visit.
Stay curious as the moment dances.

Listen. Listen with your entire body.
Hear yourself. Hear the other person.
Hear the silence in between the sentences.
Let the silence linger a little while longer.
There’s no rush. There’s no ‘better’ moment to get to.
Silence doesn’t always need to be filled.
Be a little more naked. A little slower.
Know a little less what you’re about to say.
Be a little less prepared, a little messier,
a little more willing to expose your vulnerable heart.
Be surprised at your own responses.
Don’t numb yourself with the same old stories.
Stumble if you need to. It’s okay. You are held.
Let your words emerge from silence and return to them.

Notice if you’re talking just to avoid the silence.
Notice if you’re regurgitating a story you’ve told before.
Notice if you’re trying to impress, or win love.
Or avoid being seen for who you really are.

Friend, in silence we truly meet.
Genuine understanding is beyond mind.
Love is wordless; needs no more words.
Listen to the silence; it is volcanic.

– Jeff Foster

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